Bot Framework and Cognitive Services

By for December 16, 2016

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This course teaches the student to use facial recognition, natural language processing, and other techniques to create personalized chat experiences for their customer's software. Location: Chicago. February 9 and 10, 2017.
# About the Course This tutorial will ramp up the attendee very quickly on the Microsoft Bot Framework, providing a great deal of sample code upon which to base a bot experience. It will help attendees decide if they want to make a bot to solve a repetitive task they have encountered or a partner or customer has come across. User experience will be heavily emphasized to create the best bot experiences. The attendee will get a chance to “bring their own scenario” to work on. Components will be laid out for the attendee so that in the end they will have a working, published bot or many, by the end. # Prerequisites * There are a few things you will need in order to properly follow the course materials: * Visual Studio 2015 (Community version) (could use Visual Studio Code on non-Windows systems – however most these instructions are working within a Windows system) * A Microsoft Account which will be used to log into the Bot Framework developer portal, which you will use to register your Bot as well as to sign up for Cognitive Services subscriptions (if you have Hotmail, Live,, or an Xbox account then you already have a Microsoft Account). Please create a Windows LiveID/Microsoft Account using the link if you do not have one. * An Azure account for an Azure-accessible REST endpoint (for registering your bot with the Bot Framework service). * Github desktop application: # Modules The course is divided into the following modules: 1. Introductions and Welcome 2. Cognitive Services Overview 3. Setup for Workshops 4. Cognitive Services Topic Deep Dive with Hands-on-Labs 5. Bot Framework Overview 6. User Experience: Principles and Best Practices 7. Bot Framework Developer's Introduction with Hands-on-Labs 8. Bot Framework Developer's Deep Dive with Hands-on-Labs 9. Bot Framework Future Directions with Time for Q&A # Concepts Covered * Best practices check list. * Categories in the Cognitive Services offering. # Technologies Covered * Bot Framework * Cognitive Framework # Skills Taught At the end of the course you will havev acquired the following skills: * Grasp best practices for bot framework development. * Create an intelligent chat bot.