Bot Framework for SQLBits Precon - Telford, UK

By for March 15, 2017

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This session, designed for developers and data scientists, will ramp up the attendee very quickly on Microsoft's powerful machine learning algorithm APIs as a part of Cognitive Services and chat bot development tools as part of the Bot Framework. These tools will be called out separately as independent and innovative tools-of-the-trade, as well as a big part of the session focusing on the power of combining these tools to create intelligent chat bots (think instant messaging a picture to get an intelligent caption or annotating conversations based on key phrases). This session will help attendees decide if and how they want to make a chat bot to solve a repetitive task or clever scenario they have encountered. User experience will be heavily emphasized to create the best bot experiences. Components will be laid out for the attendee so that in the end they will see a working, published bot.
# About the Course Learn about Microsoft Cognitive APIs and Bot Framework. We provide sample codes to help understand the concepts. The lecture and demo part will be for 1 and a ½ days. We’ll end this training with a ½ day hackathon. The attendee will get a chance to “bring their own scenario” to work on during the hackathon. Components will be laid out for the attendee so that in the end they will have a working smart bot . # Prerequisites There are a few things you will need in order to properly follow the course materials: - Visual Studio 2015 (Community version is ok) (could use Visual Studio Code on non-Windows systems – however, most these instructions are working from Visual Studio) - download here - A Microsoft Account to log into the Bot Framework developer portal, which you will use to register your Bot as well as to sign up for Cognitive Services subscriptions (if you have Hotmail, Live,, or an Xbox account then you already have a Microsoft Account). - The Bot Framework Emulator from the Bot Framework Downloads page. - The Bot Framework Visual Studio Template (C#) from the Bot Framework Downloads page. - (Optional) Github for Windows (comes with Git Shell) or git on other systems to download this repository. - (Optional) An Azure account for an Azure-accessible REST endpoint (for registering your bot with the Bot Framework service) - (Optional) Developer accounts on one or more communication services (such as Facebook) where your Bot will communicate (Skype is already set up for you). - (Optional) An Azure App Insights account to capture telemetry on your bot. # Agenda What will you learn - Introduction to Bot Framework and Cognitive Services. - Cognitive Services Overview and Demo. - Cognitive Services Deep Dive - Hands-on-Labs - Bot Framework Overview - Bot User Experience: Principles and Best Practices - Bot Framework Developer's Introduction - Toolbox - Bot Emulator - Publishing and Regsitering a bot - Working with channels - Build a simple bot followed by Hands -on lab - Build a Smart Bot followed by Hands-on-Labs - A half day HACKATHON: Attendees may “bring their own scenario” to work on during the half day Hackathon. We’ll separate into groups and brainstorm together to build solutions to the problem attendees bring to the table. - Summary # Technologies Covered - Bot Framework