Scalable Data Science with MRS and Spark with HDInsight

By for March 7, 2017

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In this course, you’ll gain hands-on experience with Microsoft R and HDInsight Spark for scalable data science and machine learning.
# About the Course In this course, you’ll gain hands-on experience with Microsoft R and HDInsight Spark for scalable data science and machine learning. You will learn about the fundamentals of functional programming, parallel external memory algorithms, Spark on HDInsight, and distributed systems. This course emphasizes robust programming principles, so that you can write programs that are portable, platform invariant, and scalable. Through labs and instructor led deep dives, you will learn how to use R Server on Spark with the HDInsight platform to perform data analysis and machine learning at scale. By the end of the course, you will have developed applications that are scalable and portable, and know how to configure your Spark clusters to maximize your application's performance. # Prerequisites There are a few things you will need in order to properly follow the course materials: * A subscription to Microsoft Azure (this may be provided through your company or as part of your invitation – you *must* have this enabled prior to class. You will be using Azure throughout the course, for all labs, work, and exercises. You can use your MSDN subscription ( ), your employer may provide Azure resources to you, or you may receive instructions in your class invitation, and have at least $50 to spend for the course. * Understanding of R - ability to write functions, an ability to train models, etc. * Putty, Cygwin, or some bash emulator (some Linux experience to go with it would be useful) * It’s also a good idea to have a general level of predictive and classification modeling, and a basic understanding of Statistics and Machine Learning, i.e., cross-validation, ensemble models, model metrics, etc. #Agenda What will you learn Functional-Object Based Computing with R * Overview of the R Project and CRAN * Exploring the Microsoft R Data Stack * Functional Programming for Data Manipulation with the dplyr package * Understanding dplyr's symantics and the magrittr pipe * Data Visualization and Exploratory Data Analysis * Using the broom package for Modeling and Summarization Breaking the Memory Barrier with RevoScaleR * Overview of the Microsoft R Data Ecosystem * Modeling and Scoring with High-Performance ScaleR Algorithms * Data Manipulation with the dplyrXdf Package * Summarizing Data with RevoScaleR * Performance Considerations with RevoScaleR * Parallel Computing and Distributed Computing with Microsoft R Server * Deploying R and ScaleR algorithms to Azure with the AzureML package * Overview of the Apache Spark Project * Ingesting Data into Azure Blob Storage * Creating Spark DataFrames and Spark Contexts * Manipulating HDFS data with the sparklyr package * Creating Distributed eXternal DataFrames in HDFS * Preparing Data for Modeling with Microsoft R Server * Training Statistical Models with Microsoft R Server and the Spark Compute Context * Scoring and Deploying Models * Performance Considerations on Hadoop Skills taught * Understand what is Spark and why it's a more effective solution for iterative machine learning jobs than Hadoop MapReduce. * Understand functional programming and lazy evaluation. * Provision and deploy HDInsight Spark Clusters and install R Server as an application. * Understand the basics of administration and management of packages and applications on premium HDInsight Spark clusters. * Develop functions that are robust to different data structures and execution environments. * Use Spark and it's R APIs for exploratory data analysis. * Train and tune statistical machine learning models with Microsoft R Server's RxSpark compute context. * Deploy trained R models as an Azure ML web service. #Technologies Covered * Microsoft R Server * HDInsight (Hadoop & Spark) * Microsoft R * HDInsight * Apache Spark * R APIs for Spark #Materials *