Education related experiments

May 11, 2016

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Education related gallery experiments covering scenarios such as predicting if a student will solve the problem in the first attempt and if the student is going to drop out of a course.
If you are a teacher or school administrator, imagine if you could identify at-risk learners and improve the performance of all your students. Improving graduation rate helps the education institution, the stakeholders and of course students as future leaders and contributors to society. Improving student’s success is beneficial to everyone. By applying data science principles to student data, it provides a better foundation to collect and transform information about student analytics which can help drive improved education outcomes. Machine learning algorithms analyze data and illustrate patterns or make predictions with increased confidence levels, about what may be a better course of action or just to alert you to something you didn’t know before. With better insight, you have more freedom of choice to make an informed decision about the education objectives. The Cortana Intelligence Gallery is a community site for data scientists and developers to consume and share analytical solutions built using the Cortana Intelligence Suite and its services. Some machine learning examples related to education in the Gallery are included in this collection.