Modeling Price Elasticity - Demo Experiments in the Cortana Analytics Webinar for Retail Pricing

October 13, 2015

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This collection includes demo experiments used in the Cortana Analytics Webinar for Retail Pricing.
Price elasticity is the foundation of price optimization. Experiments in this collection use transaction data to show how to determine price elasticity. Starting from the basic example in Experiment 'Part 1' which demos a product's own price elasticity, users will learn how to add cross-item effects in Experiment 'Part 2'. They will get to know how to deal with combos and add external information including weather and holiday into the model in Experiment 'Part 3'. After finishing the series, users are equipped with the proper knowledge to deal with real-world datasets. **Related Resources**: Check the video of the [Cortana Analytics Webinar for Retail Pricing][1] which is hosted also by Xueshan to learn the concept of price elasticity and the three steps to do price optimization. Created by a Microsoft Employee. [1]: