Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

October 24, 2015

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This collection consists of the experiments that are used in the book "Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning".
[Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Second Edition][1] is a practical tutorial introduction to the field of data science and machine learning, with a focus on building and deploying predictive models. The book provides a thorough overview of the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning service, with practical guidance for building recommenders, propensity models, and churn and predictive maintenance models. The authors use task oriented descriptions and concrete end-to-end examples to ensure that the reader can immediately begin using this new service. The book describes all aspects of the service from data ingress to applying machine learning, evaluating the models, and deploying them as web services. Learn how you can quickly build and deploy sophisticated predictive models with the new Azure Machine Learning from Microsoft. [1]: