Ayman Capacity Planning Experiment

January 22, 2016
Generic Storage and Capacity Planning - Prediction Experiment - using Boosted Tree Regression to predict size value
This is a generic storage and capacity Planning - prediction Experiment using CSV sample file to experiment on collected size data information and train a prediction model with a regression module to identify the future value of an asset size. Results represent the size anticipated for a given date in future. The Experiment template uses Boosted Decision Tree Regression algorithm module. The data collected is generic in nature and can represent any asset at a data center or domain where daily data collection is logged and used to train the model ***Data Sample Structure***: AssetName,SizeNow,SizeMax,WarningThreshold,Year,Month,DayofYear,TimeStamp C:\ on MININT-934HIIO,147737893339,254720929792,88,2011,1,1,17:05.2 C:\Folder\Data\Lumia.JPG on MININT-934HIIO,122634,199000000,90,2011,1,1,23:09.3 C:\Folder\Data\SQL.MDB on MININT-934HIIO,363028,400000000,95,2011,1,1,56:18.3 [1]: http://Pictures