Ayman CapacityMonthlyDeltaRate

January 23, 2016
Ayman Capacity Planning Experiment is a trained machine learning model to predict a monthly rate of change in size and capacity
Ayman Capacity Planning Experiment using basic R Code and CSV file sample to train a model using boosted tree regression algorithm to predict the rate of change in percentage that occurs on monthly bases for the passed data. The data is generic in nature to fit into any capacity sizing requirements by any given context data. The predicted rate can be used to calculate a change rate for a given size. The current data sample works for storage capacity sizing problems. ***Data Sample Structure:*** AssetName,SizeNow,SizeMax,WarningThreshold,Year,Month,DayofYear,TimeStamp C:\ on MININT-934HIIO,147737893339,254720929792,88,2011,1,1,17:05.2 C:\Folder\Data\Lumia.JPG on MININT-934HIIO,122634,199000000,90,2011,1,1,23:09.3 C:\Folder\Data\SQL.MDB on MININT-934HIIO,363028,400000000,95,2011,1,1,56:18.3