Azure ML Lab Midterm 1 of CalStateLA_Ketki Vyas_ AUC-0.975

March 8, 2019
Improved Performance of AUC
contains demographic and behavioral information from a representative sample of survey respondents from India and their usage of traditional financial and mobile financial services. o The dataset is a product of InterMedia’s research to help the world’s poorest people take advantage of widely available mobile phones and other digital technology to access financial tools and participate more fully in their local economies.  Women in these communities, in particular, are often largely excluded from the formal financial system. o By predicting gender, the datathon teams will explore the key differences in behavior patterns of men and women, o and how that may impact their use of new financial services.  Ideally, these findings will influence plans to reach women in developing economies and encourage them to adopt new financial tools that will help to lift them and their families out of poverty