Decoding Brain Signals

June 6, 2016
Each year, millions of people suffer brain-related disorders and injuries and as a result, many face a lifetime of impairment with limited treatment options. This competition is based on one of the greatest challenges in neuroscience today – how to interpret brain signals. Building on the work of Dr. Kai J. Miller and other neuroscientists, the competition is designed to further our understanding of how our brain interprets electric signals. The medical community and ultimately, patients will benefit from your expertise in machine learning and data science to help decode these signals. Through this competition, you will play a key role in bringing the next generation of care to patients through advancing neuroscience research. Build the most intelligent model and accurately predict the image shown to a person based on electric signals in the brain. The Grand Prize winner will get $3,000 cash, followed by a 2nd prize of $1,500 cash, and a 3rd prize of $500 cash. Please see [this keynote video]( from CVP Joseph Sirosh announcing this competition at the Strata conference. Check out [this video on Microsoft's Channel 9 introducing the Decoding Brain Signals competition]( and [this video with tips and tricks from the Microsoft data scientists who created the competition](
First iteration base Model