Dynamics Ax7 - demand forecasting

September 16, 2019

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Demand forecasting experiment that is an integral part of Microsoft Dynamics Ax7 solution.
#Dynamics Ax7 setup: - Open this experiment in your Azure Machine Learning Studio. - Run it and deploy as a web service. - Web service dashboard should open. Copy API key and web service endpoint URL. *Example API key:* Q/AV1OgzA42mSIPm4xkBqFuE8/8IiFxpRQIq6kwekuHu6YIPLmfe7WCrQpqWqvyOr1n8reaA517DaE53tqGbSg== *Example endpoint URL:* https://ussouthcentral.services.azureml.net/workspaces/xyz/services/xyz - Paste those 2 parameter values to 'Demand forecasting parameters' form in Ax7.