Forecasting Model-(Forecasting Volume of checks using time series and decisioning model)

July 26, 2016
The Goal of this experiment is to forecast the Volume of Checks that would be processed in the lockbox data center Site.
In general, a lockbox is a post-office box (PO box) that is accessible by a bank. A company may set up a lockbox service with its bank for receiving customers' payments. The company's customers send their payments to the PO box. Then the bank collects and processes these payments directly and deposits them to the company's account. Typical costs are several cents per transaction to as high as one dollar or more. Lockbox services are sometimes called "remittance services" or "remittance processing". One benefit of the lockbox service to the commercial customer is that it can maintain special mailboxes in different locations around the country and a customer sends payment to the closest lockbox. The company then authorizes a bank to check these mailboxes as often as is reasonable, given the number of payments that will be received. Because the bank is making the collection, the funds that have been received are immediately deposited into the company's account without first being processed by the company's accounting system, thereby speeding up cash collection. In this model we will be entering the historiacl data as the input and using the decisioning model we will forecast the data for the future.