Forecasting Weekend Box-Office Movie Revenue

November 22, 2017
Train and statistically validate a least squares regression model that can predict movie revenue at the box-office on a given weekend.
Envision a use case involving a marketing team for a movie studio that wants to do targeted advertising each week before the weekend at the box-office. In order to do so, they must identify movies that they believe will underperform in the upcoming weekend. The team therefore needs revenue predictions each week for all the movies at the box-office for the upcoming weekend. Before the weekend begins, they will use these predictions in order to formulate their targeted marketing campaigns. Here, we focus on the movie revenue predictions. This experiment is concerned with the training and validation portions of the workflow. We train a least squares regression model with some simple features in order to predict movie revenue at the box-office on a given weekend. Note that the best performance of the model is achieved with a minimal feature set. **Associated Collection** - [Forecasting Weekend Box-Office Movie Revenue][1] **Associated Tutorial** - See the following for a step by step walk-through: - [Forecasting Weekend Box-Office Movie Revenue][2] **Associated Experiments** - [Feature Correlations Weekend Box-Office Movie Revenue][3] - [Forecasting Weekend Box-Office Movie Revenue (Predictive)][4] [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: