Loy Diamond

June 11, 2019
How much is this diamond costed? Predict diamond price using large dataset 35,000 rows and linear regression
The following is an analysis of information on 35000 round shape diamonds collected under 10 aspects; <br><br> • Price –The price of the diamond in US dollars ($326–$18,823) <br> • Carat- The weight of the diamond where 1carat=200mg. <br> • x- Length in mm (0–10.74) <br> • y- Width in mm (0–58.9) <br> • z- Depth in mm (0–31.8) <br> • Depth-Total depth percentage <br> • Table- Width of top of diamond relative to widest point (43–95) Categorical Variables <br> • Cut- The quality of the cut (Fair < Good< Very Good< Premium< Ideal) <br> • Color- Color of the diamond [D (best), E, F, G, H, I, J (worst)] <br> • Clarity- Measures how clear the diamond is (I1 (worst), SI1, SI2, VS1, VS2, VVS1, VVS2, IF (best)) ![ML Model][1] ![Score][2] [1]: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/laploy/ML.NET/master/Diamond%20Large/diamond%20large%20model.JPG [2]: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/laploy/ML.NET/master/Diamond%20Large/diamond%20large%20score.JPG