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June 18, 2019

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List name of the movie that the user would also be enjoyed. Build a movie recommender
Question: Which movie the user will also enjoy? Dataset: Train https://raw.githubusercontent.com/laploy/ML.NET/master/Movie/Movie-train1.csv Title https://raw.githubusercontent.com/laploy/ML.NET/master/Movie/Movie-titles.csv <br><br> • User Id Feature <br> • moiveId Feature<br> • rating Label<br> • timestamp non-Feature<br> <br> 26,772 users<br> 227,472 rows<br> <br><br> **MovieLens Latest Datasets** <br> <br> These datasets will change over time, and are not appropriate for reporting research results. We will keep the download links stable for automated downloads. We will not archive or make available previously released versions. <br><br> Small: 100,000 ratings and 3,600 tag applications applied to 9,000 movies by 600 users. Last updated 9/2018. <br><br> ml-latest-small.zip (size: 1 MB) Full: 27,000,000 ratings and 1,100,000 tag applications applied to 58,000 movies by 280,000 users. Includes tag genome data with 14 million relevance scores across 1,100 tags. Last updated 9/2018. <br><br> ![Data before join][1] <br><br> ![Data after join][2] <br> **Matchbox recommender** <br><br> The recommendation algorithm in Azure Machine Learning is based on the Matchbox model, developed by Microsoft Research. To download a paper that describes the algorithm in detail, click this link on the Microsoft Research site. <br><br> The Train Matchbox Recommender module reads a dataset of user-item-rating triples and, optionally, some user and item features. It returns a trained Matchbox recommender. You can then use the trained model to generate recommendations, find related users, or find related items, by using the Score Matchbox Recommender module. <br><br> ![enter image description here][3] <br><br> ![enter image description here][4] ![enter image description here][5] <br><br> [1]: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/laploy/ML.NET/master/Movie/data-before-join.JPG [2]: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/laploy/ML.NET/master/Movie/data-after-join.JPG [3]: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/laploy/ML.NET/master/Movie/movie-azure-model.JPG [4]: http:// [5]: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/laploy/ML.NET/master/Movie/movie-azure-score.JPG