Predict Blood Donation Likelihood using Real Dataset

August 24, 2018
Based on Real Dataset this model predicts blood donation likelihood on next ask.
Machine Learning is not only successful in business but also helping the healthcare industry and revolutionizing it. Here, we are presenting a very simple machine learning model to predict that during an ask to donate blood who will respond positively and will donate blood. This machine learning model is based on a real dataset and you can download it from In this model and tutorial you will learn followings 1. How to directly import data from UCI Machine Learning Repository 2. How to treat with imbalanced dataset using SMOTE technique 3. How to apply R script 4. How to compare two models 5. Application of Machine Learning in Real-life Healthcare dataset **Video Tutorial** # **[Click here to watch Video Tutorial][2]** ![enter image description here][1] [1]: [2]: