Predicting the price of a car using supervised machine learning algorithms

January 24, 2018
Linear regression models predict the mean of the target column given input features. in predicting the range or entire distribution of the target column instead of a single estimate. In this experiment, we attempt to predict the price of car based on the features of the vehicle. Quantile Regression: Car price prediction Linear regression models generally predict the mean of the target column, given a set of input features. To do this, you can use techniques such as a training model, cleaning and splitting the data to start. We attempt to evaluate the score model and the evaluate model. Data The data consists of 205 examples with 26 attributes. We are interested in predicting the price of the automobile, given the other attributes in the dataset. More information about the dataset can be found at the Azure machine learning repository. UCI Machine Learning Repository Evaluation Results
Predicting price of a car model using supervised machine learning