Predictive Maintenance Modelling Guide Data Sets

March 29, 2016

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This is the experiment that has the data sets used in the collection "Predictive Maintenance Modelling Guide". Created by a Microsoft Employee.
This experiment contains the Import Data modules that read the data sets simulated for the collection [Predictive Maintenance Modelling Guide][1] . Feature engineering and labelling is done in the R Notebook of the collection. Before going through the R notebook, you need to **save the datasets** in this experiment to your workspace. Open the experiment in Studio and run the experiment. Once the experiment has successfully run, **right click** the output ports of **Convert to csv** modules, and use **Save as Dataset** option to save the datasets to your workspace. Use the **exact names** provided in the Import Data module descriptions which are **telemetry**, **errors**, **maint**, **machines** and **failures** to name these datasets as you save them. The R notebook of the collection uses these names to process these datasets saved to your workspace and will not work if the correct names are not given. [1]: