R Mongodb Reader

January 24, 2016

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This experiment enables you to use MongoDB as a dataset in your experiment
Using **MongoDB** as a dataset in your Azure ML experiment could be a challenge as such connection is not supported out of the box by the **Reader** module. Extending your experiment using R enables such a scenario. I used **RMongoDB**, an R package that provides an interface to the **NoSQL MongoDB database** using the MongoDB C-driver version 0.8. I had to manually upload the rmongodb package and its dependencies to my experiment as rmongodb is not 1 of the +400 R packages installed in R environment on Azure. I'm planning to share a blog post on how I built the experiment later, feel free to contact me [@m_yamama][1] if you have any questions. **Don't forget to change the *connection string* the R script** [1]: https://twitter.com/m_yamama