Regression Comparison on 1/23/2019

January 23, 2019
Compare between Bayesian Linear Regression and Neural Network Regression
**1.Preparation** 1.1.Data preparation, use data Boston 1.2. Use modul Split Data, split data randomly 50% train data and 50% test data **3. Model** 3.1. Bayesian Linear Regression 3.2. Neural Network Regression **4. Train Model** 4.1. Use Train Model modul, connect to modul Bayesian, connect to Modul Split Data 4.2. Use Score Model modul, connect right bottom to right bottom Modul Split Data 4.3. Modul Evaluate **5.Execute R Script**C 5.1. Change the R script in Properties panel for Bayesian Linear Regression 5.2. Connect to Modul Add Rows **6. Neural Network Regression** 6.1. Follow the procedure from Preparation to Add Rows, for the Neural Network Regression. 6.2. Connect the Add Rows module Execute R Script in Neural Network Regression. **7.Result.** 7.1. Run all application 7.2. Click Visualize table, 7.3. Comparing which is better, Bayesian Linear Regression or Neural Network Regression