Super Family Churn. [Predictive Exp.]

April 16, 2016

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Churn is a term employed when consumers stop using a good or service. It is seen across a number of industries, and in many cases, companies devote additional resources to stop a customer from leaving. With online computer games, for example, substantial data is available to analyze individual and collective player behavior to help predict when a particular gamer may leave. Game creators may even take their capabilities a step further and intervene in-game to incentivize players to continue gaming. Additional bonuses, power-ups, and numerous other tactics are common methods employed to keep such players involved.\nThe Super Family game is a basic web app about a family of super heroes. Heroes battle villains, but there is a twist—the game uses the results of a predictive model to account for potential churn, and it provides a new helmet to a player if a churn event is imminent. If churn is not likely, the game does not provide the bonus. The goal in this case is to reduce such false positives—when a churn event is predicted, but in reality, the consumer is not likely to churn