Texas Elementary School Ranking-Predictive Analysis- Sreekala Padmaja

January 21, 2020

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This model is made to predict the ranks of elementary schools in Texas. As the initial step, i used tableau to visualize the data to get a better knowledge of it. Then i imported the dataset to Azure ML studio , analysed the predictor variable, noise variable ,cheater variable and redundant variable and selected the independent variable for the rest of the calculations. Then the dataset was cleaned and visualized to make sure there are no missing values. Cleaning data was done in two steps as only one type of replacement method can be used at a time. In the first step,the column 'percentage pacific islander' was totally removed and in second step the median was taken for the columns having 5%-25% of missing values. After the data was cleaned, i dragged and dropped the filter based feature selection module to the experiment canvas and opted the chi squared scoring method as there were both continuous and categorical values.