TruMedicines Pill Recognizer [Predictive Exp.]

June 10, 2017

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This experiment demonstrates the usage of the 'Multiclass Neural Network' module to train neural network which is defined in Net# language.
**TruMedicines** Micro-Pattern Pill Recognizer uses a trained deep convolutional pooling neural network to identify and retrieve image of Pharmaceuticals from a secure private database. The TruMedicines Pill Recognizer can be used as a software service (SAAS) for mobile applications, to identify pills that have been registered in our database. Using GPS locator of the phone app, Pharmaceutical pills can be tracked/trace/authenticated in compliance with the 2013 US Drug Security Act! Contact for more information Image DataSet available on Kaggle [Phone App to identify registered Pharmaceuticals such as Oxycodone, Fentanyl, or Malaria pills][1] ![Example of packaging for malaria pills - Amodiaquine][2] [1]: [2]: