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By for October 7, 2015

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Translate your sites, documents and apps using a secure, customizable and cost-effective Microsoft Translator API.
> **Note:** This is depreciated, latest version is available [here]( With the Microsoft Translator API, translate all of your multilingual data to a common language to perform comprehensive analysis on business intelligence scenarios such as sentiment analysis, data mining or content indexing and classification. The Translator API is an automatic translation service built on over a decade of natural language research. The API can be used in web or client applications to perform language translation and other language-related operations such as language detection and speech synthesis. ##Translator API## ![][1] The Translator service is an application of machine learning itself; its algorithms are trained on human-translated parallel text. The API is integrated in business workflows where multi-language support is needed.In addition to business analytics, the Translator API is commonly used for internal /external communication and content localization. ##Translator Hub## The Translator Hub is the customization engine for the Translator API. Using machine learning technology, the translator hub allows users to build custom translation engines with their own parallel and monolingual text. This will enable higher quality translations fitting their industry or domain terminology. [1]: