Blank Jupyter Notebook Project

By for October 12, 2017

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Blank template project for using Jupyter Notebooks in Azure Machine Learning Workbench.
Welcome to Jupyter Notebooks in Azure Machine Learning. For more information go to [How to Use Jupyter Notebooks]( Go to **Notebooks** tab and select the sample Notebook to view it. To edit and run cells, click **Launch Notebook Server**. Select a kernel, and wait for it to start to run cells. **_Note_**: Do not select _Python 3_ kernel. Instead, select one of the kernels named after your project. You can also launch Notebook server by opening **File**, **Open Command Prompt**, and entering _az ml notebook start_. You can explore past runs of Notebook cells using the **Run History** tab. Click the gear icon next to the list of runs, and select _Cell_ as one of colums to find specific cell runs.