Opportunity scoring for Dynamics CRM - Installer

By for May 25, 2016

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Installer component let you install e2e opportunity scoring solution with few clicks. In Installer You need to specify CRM instance details and Azure subscription details - installer will provision Azure services, set up models, web services, pipeline and make solution ready to test.
Setting up an e2e architecture to ingest data from CRM, Build machine learning model, set up retraining and scoring pipeline is complex task. <br/> Microsoft Opportunity scoring team has built installer that set up reference architecture for you. With few clicks Installer will provision Azure Services, install ML model, build pipeline and set up connection between CRM and Azure<br/> The article provides you an installer that will provision Azure Services, install ML model, build pipeline and set up connection between CRM and Azure. <h2> Opportunity scoring for CRM installer</h2> Opportunity scoring for CRM provides complete automation - <br/> 1. Provide you 3 machine learning models 2. Connector to CRM and Cortana Intelligence Suite (CIS) 3. Automation to set up - models, jobs, connectivity between CRM and CIS <h2>Benefits</h2> By using Opportunity scoring for installer, you can learn <h3>Predictive analytics - machine learning on sales pipeline</h3> Opportunity scoring tells you - which opportunity in CRM has high potential of winning. <h3>Prescriptive analytics - machine learning model on sales pipeline</h3> It also recommend what are positive and negative factor in opportunity and what should be done to improve probability of winning. <h3>Evaluate</h3> how to build a machine learning model on CRM. Example show model, pipelines web service, end point an web jobs to automate machine learning on CRM data. <h3>Reference architecture</h3> You get reference architecture - how to integrate Dynamics CRM + Cortana Intelligence suite <h2>Steps to use Installer </h2> 1.Download zip file. Extract zip file. <br/> 2.Double click on executable. <br/> 3.Follow the wizard. <br/> 4.you need to enter Dynamics CRM instance detail, Azure Subscription and Region where you want to install model and pipelines. <br/> 5.Optionally you can enter email address to receive alerts from pipeline in your Azure subscription. <br/>