Recommend product in SalesForce

By for November 9, 2016

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See example how to enrich sales pipeline by adding more product that your customer need.
Once you install Cross sell/Product recommendation solution for Sales Force powered by Microsoft Machine Learning API- you will see below changes in SalesForce. On Opportunity page - there will be recommendation provide by Machine Learning API ![Cross sell product recommendation in Sales Force][1] <h3>How to use</h3> Review the recommendation provide. Click "Add to List" and item will be added in Sales opportunity. If product recommended belong to different product category, you can create new sales opportunity. <h3>How it help sales team<h3> Sales team use Sales Force or Dynamic CRM to manage Sales Pipeline. To cross sell product, Sales team manually investigate and suggest product to customers. In above scenario products recommendation are shown to sales team. Sales Team can add or ignore recommendation [1]: